Are the items sold on the Ibath site new?

All items on sale in our site are new and carefully packaged with all warranties, labels and original accessories.

How do I know whether an item is available in stock?

The product availability can be seen in the relevant page in “streetlight” mode: green if available, orange if available in limited quantity, red if not available.

Products in stock are shipped in 3 – 5 working days of receiving the order. In all other cases, we indicate the time needed to receive the item.

How can I pay the selected items?

All prices include VAT. You can pay the products bought in the Ibath site via Paypal and main credit cards or by bank transfer (the order will be processed when we receive the transfer on our account).

How do you ship the materials and how long will it take to receive them?

An invoice will be issued for each order placed and shipped, with indication of the tax code for individuals or VAT number for firms/professionals. For all orders, the invoice will be sent via e-mail.

If it is not received, a copy can be requested by e-mail to

All items in our site are shipped by express courier. All our shipments are insured according to the applicable laws. Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the weight and volume of the products bought.

When the goods are shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the relevant tracking number; you can thus know in real time where your parcel is. The goods are always delivered at street floor. Any particular requests or needs must be specified during the purchase and/or agreed with the customer service.

The shipping time for each product is indicated in the relevant page and ranges between 3 – 5 working days, for ready-for-delivery products, and 2 – 4/4 - 6 weeks for out-of-stock and customized products.

Express couriers ship in 24/48 hours, on average. If your address is in a disadvantaged or difficult to reach place it may take longer. In Europe, the time of delivery varies from 3 to 10-15 working days depending on the destination.

You may also collect the goods directly at our store in Pordenone.

The delivery address can be different from the invoicing address, just indicate it upon registration or subsequently notify it by email.

What should I do if the product is faulty or the goods are damaged?

If the product is faulty or the goods/packaging is damaged, please sign “subject to check”, detailing the reason of the reservation (broken package, damaged tape, etc.), as also indicated in our sales conditions, otherwise we have no recourse against the insurance.

It is necessary to notify our customer service in writing, within and not later than 7 days of receiving the material.

Can I cancel or modify an order?

To cancel or modify an order, please notify your decision by phone or e-mail as soon as possible, and however within 24 hours after the order. In this case, Ibath will refund the total amount to the Customer, using the same channel used for the payment, or carry out the modification as requested.

What are the warranties on the products sold on Ibath?

Ibath warrants the customer, for 2 years of the date of delivery of the products (DL 24/02), that the products are free from manufacturing and/or design defects making them unfit for their intended use. The 2-year warranty applies only to private consumers, i.e. individual buyers of the products. For customers using the products for professional purposes (purchase with VAT number) the warranty has a validity of 12 months. To benefit from the warranty, the customer must keep the invoice.

The Seller’s warranty excludes improper use, alterations or changes made by the Customer on the products without the consent of the Seller, or failure by the Customer to notify the Seller of the defects or non-conformities of the products by registered letter A/R.

Is it possible to return an order?

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the product purchase contract with no penalty and without specifying the reason within 14 working days of receiving the product, and obtain the refund of the price paid in advance. Only individuals can withdraw, not legal persons.

The right of withdrawal for distance sales does not apply to the supply of tailor-made or clearly customized goods (such as custom-made basins, shower trays, mirrors and others) or products that, by nature, cannot be reshipped, or that are likely to quickly perish or deteriorate, as per the Legislative Decree no. 185/99 – art. 5 subsection 3. The costs for the return of the product will be entirely borne by the purchaser, who is also fully responsible for the return.

How do I know what accessories come with a product?

The product is supplied with the original accessories indicated in the relevant page.

How do I know how to assemble and clean the items?

All products sold on Ibath are provided with technical sheets, information on the material, maintenance and cleaning methods and assembly instructions.

What drain should I use for the basin I have purchased?

If the basin chosen has an overflow hole, you can choose our Up & Down drain in glossy ABS or with the cover in brass painted matt white, if your basin is in matt Stonecore; if there is no overflow, you should choose the fixed drain in glossy ABS, or in brass painted matt white, if your basin is in matt Stonecore.

I have customized my product, how do I check the measures entered?

Once you have customized an item, the configurator will provide you with a summary pdf with the measures and the processing selected in case of customized cuts. You will thus be able to recheck the measures entered and the details of your item. You need to view, accept and confirm the pdf to complete the purchase. You wiIl then be sent the summary pdf together with the order confirmation.

How long will I have to wait for a customized item or an item that is not ready for delivery?

The time of shipment of each item is indicated in the relevant page and may vary from 3 – 5 working days of receiving the order for ready-for-delivery items to 2 – 4/4 - 6 weeks for out-of-stock items and items that can be customized.

How do I request the invoice for the tax reduction and when can I benefit from this tax reduction?

An invoice will be sent for each order made on Ibath, containing the tax code of the beneficiary of the reduction and our VAT number. In order to benefit from the tax reduction, you have to select the fiscal bank transfer as the method of payment (specific for restorations). It is important to indicate, in the reason for payment, the order number indicated in the confirmation e-mail.

Many products sold on Ibath can benefit from the reductions when bought within eligible works. Therefore, purchases related to extraordinary maintenance or restoration works can benefit from the 50% reduction.

For more information and details, please consult the Guide provided by the Revenue Agency or contact our Customer Service.

To what products can I apply the reduced VAT?

For products considered as finished goods (sanitary appliances, taps, shower trays, bathtubs, basins, heated towel rails, etc.) and if certain conditions are met, purchases can benefit from the reduced 4% or 10% rate.

Products considered as raw materials or semi-finished goods, on the other hand, are subject to the ordinary rate.

Please note that certain ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works may benefit from the concessional rate of 10% only when labor is involved, so that in this case it is advisable to have the installer buy the products.

Under the applicable laws, the reduced VAT does not apply to items such as furniture, mirrors and other accessories.

How do I buy products with reduced VAT?

In order to buy with the reduced rate, you have to send the following documents to our Customer Service, at Fax number: 0434.610781 or by registered letter A/R:

- Copy of a valid building license (3 years validity maximum)

- Copy of a valid identity document

- Copy of your tax code

- Self-certificate – Click HERE to download

Once the documents have been sent, an on line order can be made for the items selected (which will still indicate the prices with 22% VAT), entering in the notes the words “Reduced VAT Documents Sent”.

You will then receive a new email with the correct total, the reduced rate requested and the bank details for the payment.

For more details, see the page “Deductions and VAT reductions”.