Quality of materials, efficiency and elegance in your bathroom

Bathrooms need practical and high-performance materials, not forgetting design and aesthetics.

Choosing materials such as Solid and glossy or matt Stonecore for  basinsstone shower trays and bathtubs, gives the bathroom a highly elegant, linear and natural look.

Our shower-trays are made of a matt material resembling natural stone, which is durable, restorable, anti-slip and chemical, stain and scratch resistant. 

Shower trays have been variously tested to guarantee light exposure resistance and conformity to the highest safety standards in terms of anti-slip and hygiene. The versatility of matt Stonecore allows shaping and cutting custom-made shower trays. The Solid material used for bathtubs and custom basins ensures the highest standards of aesthetic, functionality and durability. It is velvety to the touch, healthy, anti-slip and stain-proof, therefore resistant over time, ductile and can be restored, processed and shaped to size like our tops and customizable basins. 

Our products, including
lights and wall mirrors, have the CE marking and conform to the highest quality and safety standards under the relevant European Directives.

Ibath therefore means guarantee and quality to decorate your bathroom with taste and style!