Bathroom taps: why to choose stainless steel for your taps

Our collection of taps, mixers and shower heads with a simple, elegant and Made in Italy design, has been designed and produced to adapt to refined and classy environments.
The modern, essential and elegant lines adapt to different furnishing styles.

Lovers of minimal aesthetics and clean and essential shapes will certainly choose the modern and elegant lines of this range
Stainless-steel taps

10 good reasons to choose our stainless-steel taps:
1)      They are products made entirely in Italy with an essential, timeless design
2)      They do not contain lead and are free of carcinogenic or harmful substances
3)      They are produced with the use of water flow regulators and limiters, thus reducing waste and ensuring water savings
4)      They have a greater durability than other materials with a consequent lower production of waste to be disposed of
5)      They are 100% recyclable
6)      They are antibacterial and hygienic thanks to the non-porous surface
7)      They remain unchanged over time and do not rust
8) They are easy to clean without the use of abrasive products or chemical solvents
9) In the event of any scratches, they can be easily restored by polishing or satin finishing
10) They are waterproof and resistant to corrosive agents

Stainless steel has an almost infinite duration, so it can be chosen to furnish your bathrooms for a long time.
The various versions available, satin, glossy, gold and black, make them usable both in retro and romantic contexts, as well as essential and contemporary.

Discover our line of stainless-steel taps here!