Which veneer top is right for me?

In the Customize your bathroom top section we offer many materials to choose from and we would like to make the choice easier and more aware.
Choosing the most suitable material for your bathroom depends on the needs of the customer, on his personal taste and on his lifestyle, moreover one must always take into account the advantages and disadvantages that characterize each material.
What is veneer?
Our veneer tops consist of a veneered / coated particle board panel externally with a real wood sheet.
Our veneer is a natural, resistant and high-quality material that gives warmth thanks to the grain of the wood.

What are the wood veneer finishes?
For bathroom furnishings we offer veneered tops in:
  • Natural oak, rope oak, sand oak, tobacco oak, terra oak, mud oak, dark oak
  • Heat-treated oak
  • Matt emara ebony
  • Heat-treated eucalyptus
  • Walnuts
  • Elm, gray elm
Each finish has peculiarities both in the grain and in the color, which easily adapt to different styles and tones chosen for the bathroom furniture.
How to clean the veneer top?
For daily cleaning, use a soft or microfibre cloth slightly moistened with water.
for more thorough cleaning, use a soft cloth soaked in water and a neutral, non-abrasive detergent.
It is advisable to follow the natural grain of the wood to ensure that dirt is eliminated from the pores and to always rinse the surface with a well wrung cloth.
Dry all the surfaces very well after cleaning.
In fact, wood tends to absorb moisture and water and consequently to expand slightly.
However, we recommend that you try the product you want to use on an internal part of the top before using it on the outside.

What to avoid?
The veneered surface must never be treated with alcohol, stain removers, acetone, ammonia and bleach.
The product is treated with the best paints, the doors therefore tolerate normal conditions of temperature and humidity very well, but it is better to avoid large changes in wet or dry conditions or to subject them to persistent infiltrations and dripping.