Fancy mirrors


The manufacturers of the following mirrors are master glassmakers, who create products of the highest quality, entirely made in Italy.
The mirrors are distinguished from the others by their use:
  • the sandblasting technique, which makes it possible to create decorations starting from designs of any type
  • colored murrine to enrich and give a sense of three-dimensionality to the mirror element
  • Swarovski crystals, which create light points that embellish the mirror
  • an overlapping of applied mirror tiles
  • Murano glass worked and installed using the glass fusing technique
Some proposed mirrors will have one or two elements listed here
The shapes and decorations are very different from each other and can adapt to different styles of furniture, taste and size of the rooms. Our mirrors can be installed in the bathroom area but are suitable for any type of room in the house, commercial establishment, following the taste and style of them.
The manufacturer uses first quality materials: original handmade Murano glass, filigree, original Swarovski crystals.

The models we offer feature the following decorations:
Fancy mirrors

SGGMIRALITE REVOLUTION is the ecological mirror that comes from an environmentally friendly production process.
Free from toxic substances, it guarantees the health and comfort of indoor environments.
An innovative quality product that lasts over time, the result of an intense Research and Development program.
Aesthetics and design that enhance the interiors making them brighter.
  • Free from toxic substances
  • Without added lead: the minimum natural concentration of lead is less than 50 ppm, and is much lower than the thresholds established by all the regulations in force.
  • Exceeds the requirements defined in EN 10367
  • CE marked
  • Preserves indoor air quality: SGGMIRALITE REVOLUTION is an excellent furnishing material thanks to the infinitesimal emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.
Fancy mirrors

The maintenance of the mirrors is simple.
Do not use aggressive products, acidic, strongly alkaline or abrasive solutions, and eliminate any detergent residues accumulated on the edges.
The surfaces (mirror and frame) should be cleaned with a soft cloth and water, and it is possible to use liquid detergents diluted abundantly.
Do not use derivatives of hydrofluoric acid, fluorine, chromium, ammonia or aggressive detergents.
Dry the mirror and frame after each cleaning. The cloth must be passed gently to avoid breaking, deteriorating the mirror or the frame and avoiding the disengagement of the mirror.