Decorate your bathroom in an eco-friendly style

We have already mentioned “Greenery Mania” and green, as a strong, versatile color.
Today we will talk about the increasing focus of design on the ideas of sustainability and Eco-friendly products.
An Eco-friendly bathroom matches a “rural philosophy”, which encourages the use of simple, clean, perfectly harmonized materials, while keeping an elegant, minimalist design style.

Thus,  Eco-friendly for us means increasing focus on energy-saving products and materials that help protecting the environment for a sustainable bathroom. We at Ibath also want to encourage you to use energy efficiently and to choose products that keep the ecological balance of your bathroom.

New technologies allow us to reduce the impact on the environment by saving water and using recyclable materials.
A few tips to save energy and money in your bathroom.  
  • to save on your bills, you may for instance replace your old bulbs with LED lights and mirrors. They last up to 25 times more and will make you save up to 80% on your bills.
  • To save water, replace classic taps with water-efficient ones or use showerheads with a flow restrictor, or sensor taps that detect movement not to waste water when you wash your teeth or hands. Dual flushing cisterns for flow control also allow reducing waste.
  • Use Eco-friendly products free of harmful chemicals to clean your bathroom. Sometimes you can get better results with a little baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar than with industrial products.
Choose the Ibath products for an eco-sustainable bathroom with an eye on prices!

Eco-friendly bathroom