4 seasons radiators!

The new section of design Radiators is online!

There are no more half seasons, play ahead and think about how to warm up your next winter!
Our Alfa and Beta decorative radiators are made entirely of glass and aluminum and are 100% recyclable. They are stylish, versatile and functional products that combine advanced technologies with modern, elegant and essential designs.

They are safe products thanks to the use of a double tempered glass which guarantees, in the event of breakage, safety performances according to the European UNI 12600 standard rules. They also guarantee the isolation of the electronics and an IP 55 protection level which allows them to be inserted in wet environments like bathrooms. Furthermore they are equipped with safety devices and sensors that prevent overheating.

The radiators are easy to install, unalterable over time and allow, thanks to their operation by irradiation, a lower energy consumption if compared with the traditional systems and a significant energy saving.

The current technology permits the automatically programming of the device switching on and off and makes the product itself understand the most correct way to heat the environment, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of energy.
The different available sizes and color combinations make our radiators perfectly adaptable to all the spaces in your house.

The absolute novelty consists in the possibility of making your radiators unique with a personalized silk screen-printing, for example by inserting a photo of your last holidays or your favorite animal!
Our electric radiators are supplied with a standard remote control and can be accessorized with towel bars or hangers.
Choose our Alfa and Beta decorative radiators, furnish your home with products which are:

○  Eco-Sustainable
○  Adaptable
○  Safe
○  Versatile
○  Functional
○  Elegant

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Design radiators