Respect the environment: choose the LED light

Lighting efficiency, energy saving and respect of the environment: these are the reasons why LED is the lighting solution chosen by private individuals and companies for their rooms.

LED lighting:
  • allows reducing energy consumption and saving 50-70% compared to conventional lighting systems
  • has a very long useful life (up to 100 thousand hours), and the loss of performance is low even when the LEDs are about to wear out
  • it isn’t dangerous for the environment, it is mercury-free and what is around the LED diode is entirely recyclable and sustainable
  • is immediately lit (unlike old bulbs)
  • allows a great variety of color temperatures
  • does not heat and works even at low temperatures
  • is directional: the light flow is precise and there is no dispersal in the environment, which increases its efficiency
  • maintenance costs are almost zero (one hundredth of traditional systems)
Ibath has also adopted this solution. See the side photo of our LED light ZENO, which will light your mirror in an efficient and sustainable way.