Reduced spaces? Here are some tips to make your bathroom look more spacious

Colori chiari

Clear colors

The colors suggested to paint the walls are neutral, clear, in tons of white and pastel. The same applies to ornaments, towels and curtains.
For narrow, long bathrooms, it would be advisable to paint the long walls in a clear color and the narrow wall, the farthest, in a darker color.

For a more original bathroom, you can decorate the walls with horizontal stripes or wallpaper, with a wide choice of colors, intensity, contrast and patterns.
The floor will help too: floors in resin or clear wood, in wide boards maybe, will deceive the eye and change entirely the look of your bathroom.

Unobtrusive lights

Lights are essential. With unobtrusive, linear wall-lamps or ceiling-light points, the walls will look brighter and lighter, and hence larger.


Accessories such as paintings, ornaments and unnecessary furniture create confusion and give the room a cramped look. Keeping a cleaner, tidier and simpler space will make your bathroom look more pleasant.
Reflecting or transparent furniture will be of great help by amplifying light and allowing it to reach all spots in your bathroom.

Large wall mirrors

A wall mirror will add movement to the room. A large mirror can make a room look twice its real size. Lights integrated in the mirror will make the space look brighter and bigger.
See Ibath’s KALIS mirror with integrated light for your bathroom, whether small or large. It comes in different sizes.